Back Room (accommodates up to 50 people)

The “Back Room” meeting space at J&B Coffee (26th Street store) is perfect for small-scale business/classroom meetings, personal celebrations, concerts and much, much more. The room comes with a complimentary pull-down projector screen. The backroom easily accommodates up to 50 individuals and can be configured in a number of layouts to fit most any occasion. We also offer event catering, so your event is truly special.

Upstairs (accommodates up to 10 people)

For smaller groups who like a little more privacy, J&B Coffee also offers an upstairs meetings space. The room comes with a complimentary dry erase board. Catering is also available upon request.

For assistance planning/booking your next event, please contact J&B Coffee (26th Street location) at (806) 796-1114 and we’ll be happy to assist you.